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Our Services

Paperless Ordering

We now accept orders through our e-commerce site, our mobile application and, E-Fax. This helps both yours and our records be

Bill Tracking

Keep up to date with your monthly billing. With individual account access you can be on top of charges for services and equip

Same Day Delivery

Orders received before or by 10:00 am will be delivered by the end of that business day. Orders received after, may be delive

24-7 Emergency On Call Service

In Case there is an emergency situation with a patient we are available to deliver at any hour of the any day of the year.

Patient Education

Review what your patients are being educated about. With the ability to contribute your own opinion and knowledge to enhance


Schedule an In-Service with our staff to become certified and better informed of the products available.

Our Portfolio

What Our Clients Say

We're Proud To Open Our Operation Up to our Clients. All Access To What the Patients See.

Wendy/ Hospice

( Director Of Nursing )

Thank you guys for all the help with the oxygen concentrators. You're the best!

Carlos Gutierrez

( Owner/CMR )

I can't believe how far your company has gone to help with my family's Medical Needs. Thank you so Much. Is there anything I can do for you?

Mrs. Caley

( Patient/Family )

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Were Proud To Open Our Operations Up To Our Clients. All Access To What The Patients Recieve.